Porterfield Low-Dust Brake Pads

The OEM brake pads on German cars work very well. But there is a trade off between efficiency and economy in production. The result is a brake pad which produces a nasty black dust that clings to wheels and makes even the cleanest car look - dirty. After you remove the dust, it returns within a day or two.

But there is a solution...low dust, high performance brake pads from Porterfield Enterprises.

Porterfield is based in Costa Mesa, California, and has been supplying complete brake systems for real race cars since 1986. Their R-4 pads are uniquely engineered to exceed the proficiency of any other racing pad. Their Kevlar Carbon pad is made from a high friction material with a .485 friction coefficient. R-4 pads are for racing.

Porterfield's R4-S high performance, low-dust  brake pads are made from Carbon/Kevlar with a ceramic insulator, and are used for street, highway and limited competion use.  The reduction in the amount of brake dust compared to OEM is dramatic, over 90% less,  and is easily removed. The R4-S pads provide a very high friction level even at cold temperatures. There is no "warm up" period when first starting out with cold brakes as associated with other, so-called, racing pads. This is the fastest stopping road pad available. Great for limited competition, motocrosses, driver schools and solo events.

The pads are designed not to squeal, are rotor friendly, and produce a small amount of dust that is not noticeable and can be easily removed. Porterfield R4-S require light pedal effort and provide a super high friction level through all braking temperatures, and exhibit no fade. The brake coefficient for the Porterfield R4-S pad is 0.4. The temperature limit is 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit (593.3 celsius).

So now you can improve the stopping power of your car, and have a nicer looking ride at the same time with nearly dust free wheels. Quiet, confident, maintenence-free operation is what you get from Porterfield - and that is what I want to deliver to my customers.

Porterfield R4-S low dust, high performance brake pads are available for nearly every Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche through MyRoadster.Net.

Note:  Some factory specifications may not be included with your Porterfield aftermarket pads, such as provisions for connecting sensor wires and other non-essential clips and holes.  These possible omissions will not affect the performance of the brake pads. Inspect brake pads at least every 10,000 miles. Once the brake pad thickness (not including the metal backing plate) is less than 3/16" it is time for new brake pads.

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